Get Free Figma UI Designer Resume Template

Here is a free Figma UI Designer resume template that you can use to get your name out there in the job market. UI Designers designed it specifically for themselves, but they can tweak it to include any job position that requires UI Design in its description.

Get Free Figma UI Designer Resume Template

You can easily edit the resume template size (21×29.7CM) which is A4. We have organized all the layers so that you can quickly find exactly what you need. The color is fresh and attractive, as well as flexible for a number of different applications.

Are you a UI Designer who is looking to impress an employer? Well, there is a great chance you could use the skills you have gained in your current job and apply it to a new role within an organization. However, doing so would require you to be creative and take action on the job market. The idea of presenting yourself in one piece at an interview might seem like too much pressure to handle when you are struggling with setting up a resume or even gathering materials for your CV.

Thanks to Temal Design who designed and shared this free template.

Get Free Figma UI Designer Resume Template

This UI Designer Resume is simple, clean, and elegant. This free Figma UI Designer Resume template is perfect for making a good resume for job opportunities. Let us know your feedback and give a rating too. Side note: All the elements are vector and can be easily edited. Hope you like it!

Download Free Figma UI Designer Resume Template

Get Free Figma UI Designer Resume Template
Get FreeA4 Resume Illustrator Template
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