Frosted Glass Pump Bottle Label Mockup

Check out these sleek Frosted Glass Pump Bottle Label Mockup for your cosmetic goodies. Slap on clear or semi-clear labels, and watch the see-through parts spill the beans on the bottle underneath. The bottle’s a blank canvas, but feel free to toss in some color if you fancy. It’s got all the fancy stuff too – detailed like a champ with that grainy frosted glass texture and whatnot.

Check out these frosted Pump Bottle Label Mockups for your cosmetic product vibes. Stick on either fully see-through or semi-see-through labels, and the clear bits will let you peep the bottle beneath. The bottle’s blank, but you can throw in some color if you’re feeling it. Super-detailed, too, with that glassy, grainy frosted texture. Get that sleek look for your packaging game!

Download Pump Bottle Label Mockup

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