Free Vontgod Typeface – Download Free Demo

This free Vontgod Typeface is a brand-new, contemporary script font created by alit design with an uneven baseline. Inspired by the classic fonts of the 1800s but updated for the modern period to produce a lovely script. The “Vontgod Typeface” form’s characteristics are delicate and flow to produce recognizable and lovely curves. Elegant script fonts like “Vontgod font” are particularly simple to use in both design and non-design applications since Unicode supports all alternates and glyphs, making them very easy to adapt to any design, especially those with an elegant and smooth idea (PUA).

The Vontgod font features 744 glyphs and a wide range of intriguing variation swash options. Additionally, this font is used for all of the letters in the poster preview.

Free Vontgod Typeface

Free Vontgod-Typeface
Free Vontgod-Typeface-Poster
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